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This natural process may be used when optimized technically to obtain a considerably thicker and harder anodised layer, which is highly aesthetic and takes dyes. Pretreatment is thus of vital importance as for the visual effect of anodised aluminium. For years Alutecta has been a strong partner of the engraving industry. burnt orange anodised. Grinded, anodised and sealed. Bright is the process in which we give the aluminium a chemically (polished) bright reflective finish. Most common mechanical pretreatment. Spectral Colours Info. Many translated example sentences containing "anodised aluminium" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. We incorporate a variety of colours, textures and patterns into the anodised-aluminium to suit your wishes. ALUMINUM KAWNEER COLOR ASSOCIATION OTHER COMMENTS... a durable, anodized finish is married to the beauty of some very dynamic and exciting colors. Die or chafe marks and other surface defects remain visible. Under the effect of demineralized water at a temperature of 100°C emerges the translucent alumina hydrate. The translucent anodised layer produced by anodic oxidation corresponds to the natural colour of aluminium (EV 1). Aluminum oxide is rated 9 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning second only to diamond. These colours are UV resistant hence totally light fast. The majority of our anodised sections are satin/silver in appearance, however we are able to achieve a number of colours according to your requirements. This process is called closing or sealing (see also 'Process'). Finishes: Bright or Matte ; Standard Sheet Sizes. Anodised aluminium is highly durable, even in industrial and marine environments, thanks to their resistance to chlorides and sulfates. That will leave you with a hard, natural aluminum oxide coating, able to withstand chemical attack and very scratch resistant. The anodisation is created using a chemical / physical process, the anodisation. The anodic oxidation process transforms the metal surface into a dense and very hard oxide layer which is firmly bonded to the base material. to back shadow gaps, push rods etc. A wide variety of aluminium anodised colours options are available to you, such as decorations, door & window, and transportation tools. A Wide Range of Colours to suit any Application. View our range of anodised colours below, or contact us and arrange to view a physical sample of aluminium colours… Aluminium components, as any other components, are subject to natural pollution when exposed to weathering. Nu-Wall cladding offers you a wide range of colours to create the look you're after, in both powdercoating and anodized finishes. Components showing important processing defects or large-scale damages will have to be de-anodised and reprocessed where required. GRANODAL® Product info page, For years Alutecta has been a strong partner of the engraving industry. ... Loveluxe Aluminium chic. We provide the following color options for … Dyeing aluminum through the type 2 anodized process provides several benefits that can take your part, component or prototype to the next level. GRM (Quality Association for the Cleaning of Metal Facades GRM). pastel blue anodised. Colours available: Blue, Red, Black, Silver Decoration process: Laser engraved with fibre optic laser. UniversAL does not contain polishing agents nor silicon compounds or aromatic hydrocarbons. Potential component size: | Blaine, Minnesota 55449Toll Free: 1-800-813-0383 | Phone: 763-780-3367 | Fax: 763-780-9313, Privacy Policy | Site Map | Site Credits: Ecreativeworks, Cleanroom Precision Medical Parts Cleaning & Packaging, Medical Device Finishing and Cleaning Services, Cryogenic Metal Treatment for Extended Wear, Red                                 * Contact us for other available colors. Arrow Cryogenics can achieve numerous colors by dyeing the aluminum after it is anodized. Coarser or finer chatter marks can be achieved by grinding, anodising and sealing. A specific repeated grinding in combination with a particular colouring result in this stainless steel effect which is much demanded especially for architectural applications. The oxide layer being translucent the metal gloss of the material is maintained. Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts.. As part of Nadcap accreditation, our processes were audited based on stringent industry guidelines and are regularly reviewed to maintain compliance. Depending on the type of coating that is applied, type 2 aluminum anodizing dye can reflect light and absorb light, providing a custom hue that is as unique as the component. The most popular colour? Under natural conditions aluminium produces an oxide film protecting the underlying material. Medium bronze (C12), Its metallic characteristics are fully preserved with this purely inorganic colouring. Our new anodised surface ALANOX® provides a stainless steel look to aluminium. Whereas electrolytically embedded metal oxides may be found on the pore bottom, adsorptive shades deposit along the pore walls (see Ill.). the basic colour red and red-black is vibrant with bright metallic effects. Choosing colours and textures. Back to the top. SANDALOR® Product info page, Our anodised surface ALANOX® provides a stainless steel look to aluminium. Anodised Aluminium Grid Entrance Matting System with a choice of 8 standard finishes: Gold – light, medium and dark, Bronze – light, medium and dark, Black and Gun Metal Grey. £99.00 inc VAT. Oxide layers can be coloured. However, a technically generated anodised layer offers very specific properties as for its layer thickness and texture, density and optical homogeneity. Both options can be combined to a great variety of design possibilities that all maintain the metallic look of aluminium. The various pretreatment methods are marked by their respective abbreviations E0 to E6 according to DIN 17611. AWS can provide anodised finish colours to suit your specification, below are some of the more comon anodised finish colours. There are 56 OEM, 53 ODM, 8 Self Patent. Gren (S170-0), With the combination of the two-step process for the electrolytic colouring of anodised aluminium and the absorption of dyes in a dye bath, numerous shades (yellow, gold, red, blue and turquoise) may be achieved for varying levels of brightness. Typical Anodised Finish Colours. No colours or sulphate process... Brass Anodsied Aluminium. There are different ways to seal the aluminium but each method closes the pores on the anodic layer making the final product … Material costs are lower as compared to stainless steel, there are no problems with finger prints left on the components, ALANOX® opens up new application fields for aluminium. Alibaba offers 70 Anodised Aluminium Colours Suppliers, and Anodised Aluminium Colours Manufacturers, Distributors, Factories, Companies. The chemical pretreatment produces a matt, rough surface. £142.98 inc VAT. Orange (S130-0), 1. Silver anodising or Natural Anodising is a clear layer of anodised aluminium. Since the 1960s it is a popular architectural building material for among others window frames and facade cladding. Through our direct aluminum anodizing colors processes we can provide manufactured aluminum parts, components, and prototypes in a wide range of colors. (Eloxal = anodic coating / Sperrschicht = barrier layer / Grundmaterial = basic material / Eloxalpore = anodic pore). 'With its subtle shimmering appearance, varying light impressions and countless variations of grey, the surface provides an unmatched look and feel to aluminium. There are 56 OEM, 53 ODM, 8 Self Patent. Blue (S150-0), Some variability of colour can occur and is part of the anodising process. This creates a more visually interesting finish. As the reaction of metal components is always slightly different, the results of the process for the production of GRANODAL® are never exactly the same, an effecta that enhances the individual character of the material and adds to the uniqueness of designs and products. Anodising Colour & Structure Information, The SANDALOR® - technology extends the available colour range to yellow, gold, red, blue and turquoise. This ensures that the finished product is still made of pure non-corrosive anodised metal and has an outstanding, durable and highly weather and scratch resistant surface, ready for use in any kind of application. Once the colored pigment reaches the surface, it’s sealed off to preserve the selected color. Grey anodised aluminium or GRANODAL® is a new aluminium surface developed by ALUTECTA. Appropriate for hidden surfaces, e.g. Eloxal, the term used in Germany, means electrolytic oxidation of aluminium. Brushing is visible. The colour effect does not occur on the anodised layer's surface but rather on its pore bottom, completely protected from any environmental influence (see Illustration below). SOLIDAL® Product Brochure - View PDF . It provides effective protection against mechanical influences and offers both weathering and corrosion resistance. We can anodise from light bronze to black. This process is optimized under technical conditions in an anodising bath, aluminium being the only material allowing anodising. Potential component size : Find high quality Anodised Aluminium Colours Suppliers on Alibaba. The cathodes are placed on the bath's edges. For metal workers the advantage of aluminium with stainless steel effect consists in the fact that he is used to aluminium processing and that there are hardly any restrictions for construction. Add some colour and enhance your rod handles. Uniform, bright surface. Sapphire has developed a new way to colour anodised aluminium that delivers grey shades for external applications that has excellent resistant to UV fading whilst maintaining the unique metallic lustre that you can only achieve with anodising. Anodised Aluminium Sheet, Satin & Coloured AA25 (J57S) Scroll down to see the full colour range. The layer thickness is of at least 20 µm. Specifications Panels from different production batches may vary in colour. Advantages . length 7000 mm x width 600 mm x height 2000 mm Bright Silver, Gold, Black up to 2400mm A large range of colours in Bright, Bright Etch and Satin finishes. Low maintenance. The anodized coloration process works through direct pigment injection into the empty pores of the part. Anodized aluminium may easily be regained for new further processing and offers thus a sustainable and environmentally sound type of surface finishing. The lightfastness of the dyes we use exceeds value 8 of the ISO-Blue-Scale. Colour anodised aluminium in a range of colours for superior corrosion resistance. Shades and textures offered provide you a large leeway for surface design and visual effect of the idea you put in aluminium. Product properties: This universal cleaner is a speciality product for the protection and maintenance of powder-coated and anodised finishes. Black (C65-1), SOLIDAL® Anodised - View PDF . £129.42 inc VAT. protective foil one sided / two sided), Sheet thickness Gloss = 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, Sheet thickness Matt =  0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, Sheet thickness stainless steel effect= 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, Material = AlMg3 GQ + EQ (Matt) / AlMg1 AG1S (Glanz), Minimum quantity per colour in 1000*2000mm = one sided 12 units / two sided 6 units, Minimum quantity per colour in 500*1000mm = one sided 48 units / two sided 24 units.

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