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Comrade Commissar, I must make a report to you comrade, a report of a crime so heinous and so grievous that there will be no need for a trial from the inner circle. Stalin, who had once been commissar of nationalities, effectively stifled ethnic dissent. General 40k. The day came and went as the days always do in that part of the world and upon the morrow, Comrade Commissar Pietrov stepped out into the crisp morning air, adjusted his hat at the angle that he thought made him look best and important and turning towards the rabochiye polya began his patrol. OR even how about that one time that you did it to 'em because that when you did it that you didn't did not don't do it but when you don't because you did when they had to did didn't did not didn't do did do because you had to do what you had to to do what the didn't had to didn't do like when you did, you know what I mean?? General. After Action Reports. Painting and Conversions. Adjusted his hat at the angle that he thought made him look best and important and turning towards the rabochiye polya to begin his patrol. He became a meme on the server for his perceived English nationalism, ultrazionism, and general toxicity. The carrot not being the most sentient of vegetables said not a word. commissar . General IG anything board. I pro politické komisaře sloužící orgánům to musel být děsivý pohled. commissar . Learn more. [ as form of address ] Welcome to the conference, comrades. en I mean, I am not yet a commissar, and unfortunately my name is not Giber. 1/21/2010, 10:26 pm. It was his duty today, as it had been every Tuesday since joining the Party, that he patrols the rabochiye polya and make sure all was well and all the happy children of Comrade Stalin were working to their hearts' content. He stepped out into the crisp morning air taking a deep draught of the smell of fresh cut hay. Picture Post. Ministers ar commissar pronunciation - How to properly say commissar. exclaimed the Comrade Commissar so abruptly and raising a pointed finger to the sky so suddenly that the workers were startled. In the Soviet Union, the head of a commissariat. I'll race you. A person who shares one's interests or activities; a friend or companion. Infantry. 2. comissário { noun masculine } I intend to be Wåhlstedt's new district commissar. Army List. Comrade Commissar Pietrov was a rather handsome fellow if you asked his babushka, and he had a pleasant if not stern look about him, as all good Comrade Commissars should. Translations in context of "Commissar" in English-Romanian from Reverso Context: Commissar Razinin, Board of Trade, Moscow. 1/23/2010, 11:52 am:-) Only if there is a can of Fancy Feast at the finish line. "Nothing eh? shouted Comrade Commissar Pietrov. Fluff. "You! Terrain. Find more ways to say comrade, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Comrade commissar, may I go? commissar in Czech translation and definition "commissar", English-Czech Dictionary online. “Under Lenins Banner We Were, We Will, Be Victorious! "You there! Several workers had now covered their mouths and some were trying to hide behind the others gathered there. After a short time the worker returned with the stakes and Comrade Commissar Pietrov said, "Good, now tie each of these criminal carrots to the stakes.". [1915–20; < Russian komissár < German Kommissar < Medieval Latin commissārius commissary] The Great Universe . And at State. The carrots did not answer Comrade Commissar Pietrov, but as he turned his head ever so slightly toward the gathered workers they all shook their heads, yes and a few mumbled "Understood." Rumors. "What is the meaning of this laziness? You will tell me the meaning of this sedition! Commisars shot thier own men in the backs when they tried to retreat. I am granted the gift of total authority to judge, in the name of the Emperor, on the field of combat. Commissar Theocritus. With your permission, comrade Commissar. Grey Thoughts is a place for a multitude of creators in numerous different mediums to display their creative projects for the world to see. Why are you not in the field working? in shaky voices. Comrade Commissar smiled his little tight-lipped smile, hummed a bright tune to himself and continued down the lane. "Now we shall get to the business of this morning's lawlessness! "Now we shall have to try more extreme measures.". ", Comrade Commissar Pietrov stopped in front of the first staked carrot. He'd mentioned right in the courthouse, on the floor above where we were, the decision had just been made for the state of Massachusetts, China says probing son of former top military officer, Jews in Soviet Cinema: the film Commissar by Aleksandr Askol'dov, First Flood Victim Reported in NW Bulgarian Town of Mizia, Trade turnover between Almaty and China reaches $5.5 bln in 2013 - mayor, Commissaire à l'Environnement de l'Ontario, Commissaire À l'Environnement et Au Développement Durable, Commissaire aux Plaintes Relatives aux Services de Télécommunications, Commissariaat Buitenlandse Investeringen in Nederland, Commissariaat voor het Arboricole Erfgoed Van Brussel, Commissariat à la Simplification Administrative, Commissariat au Développement de l’Agronomie Saharienne, Commissariat au Patrimoine Arboricole de Bruxelles, Commissariat Général au Développement Durable, Commissariat Général aux Questions Juives, Commissariat General aux Refugies et aux Apatrides, Commissariat Général aux Relations Internationales, Commissariat Wallon E-Administration et Simplification. Listen to the audio pronunciation in several English accents. Beginners Board. Then we will have no further problems. translation and definition "commissar", English-Portuguese Dictionary online. Soviet commissar of foreign relations Chicherin held that its establishment would be premature and would lead to the "expansion of Romanian chauvinism". I am a Commissar. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. 2. an official in any communist government whose duties include political indoctrination, detection of political deviation, etc. Reiuxcat. of Culture: CIBCA Festival is Egypt's gift to children, Those brash 'Ingwe' yobs belong in prison, Putin's art of the purge brings back memories, The25th anniversary of diplomatic relations of Kazakhstan with Lithuania distinguishes itself for an abundance of events, Back to square one in fight for democracy, The Editor responds: it was not simply hard to believe what Commissar Reed told me about satire, but simply unbelievably stupid. Translation for 'commissar' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations. A mate, companion, or associate. Commissar Conversion. 1. the head of a major governmental division in the U.S.S.R.: called minister after 1946. Camarade colonel, je vous le dis comme à un proche, on n'y touche pas. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. I can’t believe the breathtaking number of new bills programs, and government crap, the Liberals in Congress keep bombarding the American People with. What have you to say about this rebelliousness?" GreyThoughts is an online artistic hub for unique creators of all kind. OpenSubtitles2018.v3 ka ნვ ბთ რპვბალჲ ჲგა ეა დჲ ჱბჲპსგამ , ეპსდაპ კჲმვჟაპ, ნჲ მთჟლამ ევკა რჲა ვ ნა £ ეჲბპჲ, The Imperial Guard. There's a mean-mouthed bitch in the White House too. From poetry to song lyrics, from essays to entire novels and short stories. ScramX is the pseudonym of a man who was a member of Communist Minecraft server and Discord channel "the Motherland". hr Zarobiće nas, druže komesaru. In fact, he had never fired that pistol once in those three years. Compagno commissario, permettetemi di andarci. There's a mean-mouthed bitch in the White House too. 2. often Comrade A fellow member of a group, especially a fellow member of the Communist Party. I am empowered to deliver justice wher ever I see it lacking. Commissar Definition: an official of the Communist Party responsible for political education , esp in a... | Bedeutung, Aussprache, Übersetzungen und Beispiele 1 definition by Comrade Commissar. The term comrade is used to mean 'mate', 'colleague', or 'ally', and derives from the Spanish term camarada, literally meaning 'chamber mate', from Latin camera, meaning 'chamber' or 'room'. (Marines and The … Is this understood?" noun the head of any of the major governmental divisions of the U.S.S.R.: called minister since 1946. an official in any communist government whose duties include political indoctrination, detection of … ", The second carrot being much less sentient than the first appeared even more guilty to the workers who were sure that it indeed was. Comrade commissar, I'm telling you as I would to my own relative. There was a small popping sound like that of a cork releasing from a bottle of vodka and several of the women workers screamed. The workers' eyes widened and some were starting to shake because they had never seen such a thing. Many men killed their commisars in ww2. " ", Although Comrade Commissar Pietrov had not approached in a stealthy manner the workers turned at the sound of his voice and seemed startled to find him standing there. Comrade Commissar Pietrov was a rather handsome fellow if you asked his babushka, and he had a pleasant if not stern look about him, as all good Comrade Commissars should. "P-please Comrade Commissar we do not know." n. 1. One of the workers swallowed hard and in a timid voice spoke, "If you please Comrade Commissar, there is a row of carrots planted in this field. "What are carrots doing in Comrade Stalin's polyas?". An official of the Communist Party, often attached to a military unit, who was responsible for political education. A companion in battle; fellow soldier. Pietrov walked back and forth in front of the staked out little line of carrots with his hands clasped tightly behind his back. The workers looked around perplexed at one another till one of them rushed off to get the Comrade Commissar's order because one did not question the Comrade Commissar. "Good. The workers did as they were told and in no time at all 10 carrots were tightly tied and staked into the ground in front of the Comrade Commissar. Several men held their ears and everyone assembled by the side of the lane on the edge of the potato field jumped, except 9 carrots and Comrade Commissar Pietrov. Submemes of ScramX include "Scram Moment", where someone says/does something similar to ScramX, and … Tenho a intenção de ser o novo comissário do distrito de Wahlstedt. ", "Carrots! The worker's production was up noticeably from the day before and there was not a carrot in sight to be seen. And at State. the people " s commissar - Emil Helsengreen. "Three!" Type: noun; Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; GlosbeMT_RnD. Allies of the Imperium. 1/22/2010, 4:54 am. You didn't leave, comrade commissar? ", The 10 carrots seemed very unperturbed that they were enduring the worst interrogation ever to be seen by the Workers Party of the little town of Netrizovo. However, the term comrade is improperly attributed to Russian speaker… opensubtitles2. Comrade Commissar. Vous n'êtes pas parti, camarade colonel? Historically, the commissaire politique first appeared in the French Revolution, guarding it against anti-Revolutionary thought and action, and so ensuring the Republican victory. This seems to be the new motto of today’s Democrats as well As our President,Vladimir,oops,I mean Barack Hussein Obama. comrade noun [C] (POLITICAL MEMBER) a member of the same political group, especially a communist or socialist group or a trade union: I know my opinion is shared by many of my comrades in the Labour movement. News. Comrade Commissar, the facts are these and they are indisputable. Tanks. commander definition: 1. an officer who is in charge of a military operation, or an officer of a particular rank in many…. He greeted the People's Workers with a tight smile and a short nod as he walked down the lane, and as he walked he noticed up ahead that a group of workers had gathered by the side of the lane. I am empowered to punish cowardice. Comrade, I will give you 3 pints of Vodka if you kill that commisar. Scenarios. Father Prog Theocritus. "Two!" A fellow socialist, communist or other very politically leftist person. ", Pietrov jumped to the second carrot in the line pointing at it with his arm straight as a rifle with his finger as a bayonet., This comes in cooperation with the Association for Art Education - Africa and the Middle East - where the higher committee is headed by Soraya Sedki and General, Mwama engaged the steward, landing on him some valuable kicks and jabs in retaliation in an incident which almost turned ugly were it not for the Bandari officials who prevailed on Mwama to stop.That the match, Step forward Chi Onwurah, local Newcastle MP and shadow business secretary in the motley crew assembled by, Which Marxist theorist directed the Red Army to victory as war, With apologies to the memory of Abraham Lincoln, "So that Government of the, [The Editor responds: It was not simply hard to believe what, The man was found dead in his house by his son, an Interior Ministry official who had been dispatched to the flood-stricken area, according to reports of Chief, Almaty mayor Akhmetzhan Yessimov met today with Political, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Min. In the little town of Netrizovo, in a 3 room dacha lived Comrade Commissar Pietrov. Hunh, thought commissar had buggered off months ago. "Bring me 10 of those wooden 20-centimeter stakes now!". The 10 carrots, being not the smartest of vegetables looked as though they did not care that their lives now hung in the balance unless they were to come clean of their crimes. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. "Now!" Imperial Guard Conversion Guide. Flyers and Drop Troops. In the little town of Netrizovo, in a 3 room dacha lived Comrade Commissar Pietrov. Tactics. Type: noun; Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; GlosbeMT_RnD. "One!" "Now let this be a lesson to you that we will tolerate no carrots in Comrade Stalin's potato field. MINISTER, government. Pietrov could see that the workers were visibly shaken and he being stern but not a cruel man had a moment of inspiration. A Health Care Commissar! I bid you all good day" and with a light step Comrade Commissar Pietrov continued down the lane, even starting to hum a bit of a song he had recently heard, leaving behind him nine relieved, seemingly insurectionable carrots and the most stunned group of The Workers Party that ever was. "So you're not talking either, eh? shouted Comrade Commissar Pietrov. en I shouldn't be saying this, Comrade Commissar, but maybe it's for the best. Stand Back, Commissar (aka Jurgen Ex Melta): Gunner Jurgen may not enter a challenge other than through Glorious Intervention to replace Commissar Ciaphas Cain, and he automatically passes the Initiative test to do so. One fainted flat on her face. The political commissar is the supervisory political officer responsible for the political education and organization, and loyalty to the government of the military. It was his duty today, as it had been every Tuesday since joining the Party, that he patrols the rabochiye polya and make sure all was well and all the happy children of Comrade Stalin were working to their hearts’ content. hr Mislim, još nisam šef, a ime mi nažalost nije Giber. He makes me all weepy and nostalgfic for the wit and wisdom of Nikita Khrushchev. ... With Reverso you can find the English translation, definition or synonym for Commissar and thousands of other words. Top Definition ScramX. "I will get straight to the bottom of this! Reiuxcat. You can complete the translation of Commissar given by the English-Russian Collins dictionary with other dictionaries such as: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Larousse dictionary, Le Robert, Oxford, Grévisse . A writing gallery created by writers from around the world. Trump’s powers in these avenues are not as wide as this South American central planner, yet, they have the equivalent coercive authority of prohibiting and punishing any who attempt to resist or evade the dictates of Comrade Trump, economic commissar of tariff policy. These are the People’s Commissar, Comrade Lunacharsky, who exercises general direction, and Deputy Commissar, Comrade Pokrovsky, who directs affairs, firstly, as Deputy People’s Commissar, and secondly, as official adviser (and director) on scientific matters and questions of Marxism in general. "exclaimed Comrade Commissar Pietrov. Since the Bolshevik Revolution, popular culture in the Western World has often associated it with communism. en [ Man ]You' Ilget us caught, comrade Commissar. Another word for comrade. Don't get me started Comrade Commissar Theocritus! Upon reaching the sight of the previous day's delightful distraction Comrade Commissar Pietrov noticed two things. Instead of making a close combat attack, at Jurgen's Initiative turn, he may make a ranged attack with his meltagun. written by: RayFed @MrRayFed . Comrade Commissar Pietrov then removed a small pistol that he had been given three years ago when he joined the Party. Commissar Commissar is an English language transliteration of an official title used in the Soviet Union and Russia from the time of Peter the Great. If he is a troll, he’s one of the more entertaining ones, at least. ", and with that said jumped straight down into the field and in a very official manner had plucked the first 10 carrots out of the ground. An officer who is placed near the sovereign, and is invested with the administration of some one of the principal branches of the government. An official of the Communist Party, often attached to a military unit, who was responsible for political education. Otherwise we will all die at … I once read that many blogs die … Il Commissario del Popolo: Emil Helsengreen. He stepped out into the crisp morning air taking a deep draught of the smell of fresh cut hay. Painting Guides. stammered another worker. komisař { noun masculine } It must have been a horrifying sight even for the political commissars serving the authorities. Political use of the term was inspired by the French Revolution, after which it grew into a form of address between socialists and workers. He’s got the mid-60’s Politburo jargon down like no one I’ve ever seen.

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